Real FAQs: How to make your extracurriculars count

Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 7:30 PM until 8:00 PMCentral Standard Time

Question 1: What does the admission office want to know about my volunteer job?

Question 2: I have been stuck at home due to COVID - what if I don’t have any activities to talk about for my senior year?

Join us for the answer to that question and 3 more pressing questions we hear from students who are confused about how they use their extracurricular activities to make their college applications stand out.

Here's what to expect:

7:30-7:35: Introductions (and time to deal with any tech glitches and let people get logged in.)
7:35-7:45: We talk: answers to the questions we get about extracurriculars.
7:45-8:00: You talk: ask any questions about your college search and we give you answers. 
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